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How to form a child's worldview so as not to harm him: effective tips

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr3,2024

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TV presenter and psychologist Dmytro Karpachev shares with supermoms valuable breeds and life hacks for raising children every week. He convinces that real wealth is not material values, but the inner world that parents form in children.

In one of the last episodes of the show “Supermoms”, Dmytro Karpachev talked about the key aspects that form a healthy and harmonious worldview in children. And also about how the loyal attitude of parents to alcohol affects children.

According to the presenter, all the difficulties from which the child suffers in the future are all the consequences of parenting. And in 95% of cases, people unconsciously pass it on to their children.

While the child's body is being formed, it is strictly not recommended to drink alcohol, as it can harm its health and development. A child's body continues to form until about age 21, including organs, systems and psyche. When alcohol enters the body, the liver breaks it down. However, since enzymes that break down alcohol are just being formed in children, intoxication can occur almost immediately even from minimal doses of alcohol. Therefore, it is important to provide children with a safe and healthy environment, free from harmful habits, including alcohol consumption, – emphasizes Karpachev.

Children are extremely sensitive to modeling the behavior of their parents, and their actions and habits can deeply influence the child's beliefs and attitudes towards alcohol and other harmful things.

  • If a child constantly sees their parents drinking alcohol, it may become the norm for them, and they may decide that such behavior is acceptable.
  • There is an increased risk that children who grow up in an environment where alcohol consumption is common may develop an addiction in the future.
  • Children may perceive alcohol as a means of social interaction and entertainment, which may affect their relationships with peers and the general way of perceiving the world.

As a result, parental alcohol consumption can contribute to the formation of a child's positive attitude towards alcohol and other harmful habits, reducing his awareness of risks and consequences such behavior. Therefore, it is important that parents are aware of their responsibility and try to create a healthy and safe environment for their child, giving up bad habits and giving them a positive example of a healthy lifestyle, the host noted.

How to form a child's worldview so as not to harm him: effective tips

How to form a child's worldview/unsplash

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