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How to decorate butter for Easter: 5 beautiful and interesting ideas

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar30,2024

How to decorate butter for Easter: 5 beautiful and interesting ideas

We tell , how to decorate butter for Easter/Collage by Radio MAXIMUM

This year, Ukrainians celebrate Easter on May 5. We will tell you how to decorate oil for the Resurrection of the Cross. Here are some interesting and beautiful ideas for you.

Radio MAXIMUM will tell you how to decorate butter for Easter. Make the presentation of this timeless holiday attribute beautiful and interesting to please yourself and loved ones.

How to decorate butter for Easter

Cheese and butter in your Easter basket – dairy dishes. And milk, as you know, is an original, a raw material that does not come from human hands, but is a real gift of nature. Just as a mother feeds her child with milk, so cheese and butter are symbols of God's sacrifice and tenderness. And we should long for God's grace just as a baby longs for mother's milk.

Butter can be served in beautiful glasses, and you canit can be used to form both animals and various plants. For example, you can make roses or lambs from butter.

Make a rose from butter

You can also decorate an Easter basket with butter , formed into a rosette. This way, it will not only lie beautifully next to other products, but will also be convenient to use during the festive meal.

How to make rose petals from butter: watch the video

Lamb from butter

You need:

  • one pack of butter 200 grams
  • 2 small identical peas of black pepper;
  • 4 coffee beans;
  • a narrow red ribbon of 30 centimeters
  • green thread for embroidery 2.5 centimeters

Also, for work you will need a plate from a tea set, a knife, a grater, a wooden skewer or a match.

Remember that during work, you can always put the butter in the freezer and continue working after 5-10 minutes.

Lamb from butter – how to cook: watch the video

We make a lamb from butter:

  1. We start by cutting out the butter an equilateral triangle and make a head from it. Smoothing the corners, form a face and ears.
  2. Put the head in the freezer.
  3. Next, lay out the body of the lamb in a half-moon shape on a tea plate. Don't put the butter on the edge of the plate, because there will still be wool in the lamb. We form the legs and tail. We make 2 side legs longer, two middle legs shorter. Be sure to make a wide neck, which we connect to the head.
  4. Grate oil on a fine grater. Using a skewer or a match, carefully rearrange the oil rings on the lamb.
  5. Put two peas of black pepper in the place of the eyes, a green thread – the mouth. Cut 4 coffee beans in half and make hooves. We tie a red ribbon around the neck.
  6. Decorate the plate with the ready lamb with any small flowers or greens.

Serve butter with greens


  • Butter – 200 grams
  • Dill – several sprigs
  • Garlic – 3 cloves
  • Salt – 0.5 – 1 teaspoon
  • Ground black pepper – 1/3 teaspoon

How to make butter with greens and garlic: watch the video

Method of cooking:

  1. Heat the butter at room temperature until soft.
  2. Chop the dill, grind the garlic, add salt and pepper.
  3. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and mix.
  4. Place on cling film and form a sausage by knocking the air out of it.
  5. < li>Put in the freezer for 1 hour.

  6. Everything is ready!

Butter with dor bleu cheese and horseradish


  • Sweet butter – 180 grams
  • Blue cheese – 40 grams (crumble)
  • Green onion – 2 tablespoons (chopped)
  • Horseradish – 1 tablespoon
  • Ground black pepper and salt to taste

Method of preparation:

  1. Mix butter with cheese crumbs, green onions, horseradish, salt and pepper. Mix well until smooth.
  2. Give desired shape using cling film or foil.
  3. Refrigerate until serving.

Lime Butter and basil


  • Sweet butter – 180 grams
  • Zest of 1 lime
  • Fresh basil – 1 tablespoon (chopped)
  • Mixed spices (of your choice) – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Paprika (flakes) – 1 pinch
  • Ground black pepper and salt to taste

Method of preparation:

    < li>Mix softened butter with lemon zest, spice mixture, chopped basil and paprika.
  1. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Thoroughly mix the mass until homogeneous.
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