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How long should your smartphone last on a single charge

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

How how long should your smartphone last from one charge

Today, the average value of the battery capacity of modern smartphones is an average of 5000 mAh. When buying a new mobile device, everyone wonders how long it will last on a single charge. After all, this not only affects the efficiency of using the device, but also the life of the battery.

Modern phones are very voracious. If you think that you can only get by with a large capacity when buying, so that the phone works longer, then you are mistaken. Manufacturers are pushing a bunch of functions that affect autonomy. As for the performance of the processor, its energy consumption was more relevant. A large amount of RAM makes it possible to run more programs at the same time, thereby increasing energy consumption and shortening the device's operating time without recharging. The screen with an IPS matrix, high resolution and high refresh rate significantly increases battery consumption. The best autonomy is offered by phones with an AMOLED screen, the resolution of which does not exceed FullHD+ (1080p) with a refresh rate of 60 Hz or lower. With average use of the phone for 4-5 hours a day, its autonomy is usually about one and a half days. Over time, this indicator will decrease.

How to extend the operating time of the smartphone:

  • Reduce the brightness of the screen. High screen brightness significantly increases energy consumption.
  • Save charging cycles. Modern lithium batteries are designed for 500 charging cycles. Do not wait for the indicator to go to zero. Experts advise to keep the charge level within 20-80%.
  • Use original or quality chargers.
  • Disable automatic synchronization. Reduce the synchronization frequency for applications such as mail and messengers, or turn it off completely for applications that do not need constant updates.
  • Close unused programs. Apps left in the background continue to consume device resources.

If you notice that your phone is draining quickly, contact the service center for checking the condition of the battery and, if necessary, replacing it.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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