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Hogwarts Legacy: fans angry after this update

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

Waited for by an entire community, the update Day ofHogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacydid not have the desired effect, far from it. Players are more than disappointed with the lot of new features offered by Avalanche Software, especially PS5 players.

Hogwarts Legacy: fans angry after this update

While waiting for news, an update; day of hogwarts legacy teased by avalanche software

Real commercial success, both at Sony and at Microsoft, then at Nintendo in November 2023, Hogwarts LegacyHowever, it turned out to be emptier than it seemed. Avalanche Software may have had something too big on its hands. But the studio can look to the future thanks to the sales figures of its AAA with “a series of other things” in preparation concerning Harry Potter video games which“will allow fans to become part of this world, these stories and these characters in an ever deeper way”. In any case, this is what was done. announced at the beginning of the year.

We are obviously thinking of an even stronger continuation for the years to come. come, especially as the craze around Harry Potter will be reborn with the next series from Warner Bros. Discovery. But in the meantime, Avalanche is trying to refine its game through upgrades. day more or less consequential. In January, the studio announced big surprises planned for this summer.“Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation exclusive content will be available on other platforms later this summer, along with updates and additional features for the game.”

apart from photo mode, an upgrade to disappointing day

Here we are. Unfortunately, the new features are very meager. Far from an extension which we could expect, the upgrade to summer day offers players a photo mode, Harry Potter glasses, a prisoner of Azkaban outfit, the Northern Lavender broom, the Hippogriff onyx mount, the Felix Felicis potion recipe , the possibility to reset skill points, and the Hogsmeade Haunted Shop quest for all platforms.As a reminder, this was reserved exclusively for owners of a PS4 and a PS5. We can imagine the disappointment for the latter who were hoping for a fresh new quest.

Announced at the end of the year. from June 6when updating summer day will have been deployed, these new features are far from satisfying the community, if we except the highly anticipated photo mode. Reactions to the post published by the game's X account were not long in coming.

No Revelio needed here! We’re sharing all of the details around our upcoming summer update. Get ready to dive back into the magic of #HogwartsLegacy on June 6th!

May 30, 2024

No need for Revelio here! We give you all the details of our next update. summer day. Prepare yourself for dive back into the magic of  Hogwarts Legacy on June 6!

That’s all? No new game anymore?
How disappointing.

May 30, 2024

Is that all? No New Game +?
What a disappointment!

That's all? After all this wait?

– No Ng+

– No quidditch

-photo mode that should have been there in the beginning

– Haunted Hogsmeade quest that's already available for Ps players

– some useless cosmetics

Let me uninstall asap.

You just made us wait for basically…

May 30, 2024

Is that all? After all this waiting?

– No Ng+

– No quidditch

– Photo mode which should have been Be there from the beginning

– The Quest for Haunted Hogwarts which is already available for players Ps

– some unnecessary cosmetics

I will uninstall the game as soon as possible.

You just made us wait for nothing!

So you put a quest that was already in the game, but was a ps5 exclusivity… what’s the point of being exclusive if you change it after?

May 30, 2024

So you put a quest that was already in place. in the game, but which was an exclusive to the game. ps5… &àgrave; what's the point of being exclusive if you change it afterwards?

We knew that a new video game on Quidditch was in preparation , twenty years after Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup on PS2. A free to play in the name of Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, initially planned to be released this year and including the first gameplay images already have leak. However, we are still waiting for news of the loaded game. to make players wait until a possible sequel.

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