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Game of Thrones: G.R.R. Martin returns with this new project that will enrage fans

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

G.R.R. Martin, the father of the literary saga success Game of Thrones, which fans of the 7th art discovered in 2011 with the series Game of Thrones, returns to us today with a new project that has nothing to do with it. see with the universe of Westeros.

Game of Thrones: G.R.R. Martin returns with this new project that will enrage fans

A new project far from the Kingdom of the Seven Crowns

While it has now been almost 13 long years since A Dance with Dragons, the last published volume ; of Iron Throne, has been released and The Winds of Winter is long overdue, with a writing speed close to a snail and which led to the creators of the HBO series create their own purpose this fantasy epic, G.R.R. Martin has devoted himself for years to many diverse and varied projects, such as this SF novel or the excellent video game Elden Ring, for the FromSoftware studios. The father of the kingdom of the Seven Kingdoms returns today with a brand new project, not as a writer, screenwriter or even actor, but as a producer and it is with s our colleagues at Deadline, that he spoke.

Game of Thrones: G.R.R. Martin is back with this new project that will infuriate fans

As this first image shows, with The Summer Machine, a science fiction short film which would seem to be the basis for the a new anthology series, G.R.R. Martin moves away for a time from the lands of Westeros, where he poses in a setting that would remind us of some in the style of the British series Doctor Who. Information on this project is thin, but we already know how it works. that filming ended not long ago in New Mexico. We find at directed by Michael Cassutt, with whom G.R.R. Martin had already worked on the literary series Wild Cards. À production, in addition to the father of Game of Thrones, we also have Steve Graham, Elias Gallegos and Mark Steinig, names best known to the general public as actors, for society of production Fevre River Packet Company. The short film will star Lina Esco, known for her role as Christina Alonso in the television series S.W.A.T. but ;also Charles Martin Smith, whom we saw in his youth in the film American Graffiti, whereù he lent his features to the character of Terry Fields, without forgetting Matt Frewer, seen in the film Watchmen, in the guise of Edgar Jacobi.

Game of Thrones: G.R.R. Martin returns with this new project that will enrage fans

When he was released requested &àgrave; G.R.R. Martin to say a little more about this project, the writer and in this case producer simply replied:

Summer is coming.

A quote which is reminiscent of the famous “Winter is Coming” from the Game of Thrones saga. Is this a real clue to the scenario, or a simple nod to the story. his best-known work? Or even a provocation to its fans who are getting impatient? Tell us what you think about it in the comments section and while waiting for this new SF project, discover the animated series. favorite of the year by G.R.R Martin.

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