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Heroic decision: a journalist from Lithuania goes to the front after the death of paramedic Iryna Tsybukh

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

Heroic decision: a journalist from Lithuania goes to the front after the death of paramedic Iryna Tsybukh

Mindaugas Jonushas/instagram

Lithuanian journalist Mindaugas Jonushas announced that he is being mobilized to the Armed Forces as a volunteer paramedic. He was prompted to make such a decision by the death of Iryna Tsybukh (call sign Cheka), a paramedic of the “Hospitaliers” volunteer battalion.

The former media person announced this on his Instagram page.

I would like to make a brief statement. What I'm going to say now may surprise someone, but it won't come as a big surprise to someone. I decided to join the army. And take courses to help paramedics at the front. That's all for now, – wrote Jonushas in Ukrainian.

In a comment for “UP.Zhyttia”, the journalist said that he was prompted to this decision by the death of paramedic of the “Hospitaliers” volunteer battalion Iryna Tsybukh (call sign Cheka). They did not know each other personally, but the Lithuanian shared her views and values.

No Cheka – now I will. The death of this heroine prompted me to mobilize. I do not romanticize the front, but I just want to try to do everything in my power so that Ukraine lives. For me, the front is not only death. Service in my understanding is to save every Ukrainian life. And also give the soldiers' relatives the opportunity to see the soldier alive, communicate with him, see his progress in rehabilitation, etc., he said.

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Posted by Mindaugas (@mindaugas_official)” also expressed the opinion that many Ukrainian soldiers survive thanks to volunteers who save them on the battlefield.

I'll tell you a secret, I, like Cheka, would also like to start a family, have children, furnish a house and grow tomatoes. For me, it would be a symbolic reminder of this brave combat medic, he added.

The journalist promised to inform about the next stages of military service.

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Let us remind you that Iryna Tsybukh's life ended on May 29 during a rotation in the Kharkiv direction. The car in which she was traveling with her siblings was blown up by a mine, Iryna Tsybukh died immediately, the driver survived, but received injuries to his lower limbs.

On June 2, they said goodbye to Iryna in the Saint Michael's Cathedral in Kyiv. Later, the funeral procession moved to Independence Square, where more than a hundred people gathered. During the farewell, people performed songs from the list previously determined by the paramedic herself.

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