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Here's what to do when bitten by a snake – Ministry of Health

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

>> what to do when bitten by a snake

With the arrival of heat, not only plants and insects, but also snakes woke up. The first cases of snakebite have already been recorded in Ukraine this year.

Two people were hospitalized in serious condition. This was reported by the State Emergency Service and the National Health Service of Ukraine on Telegram on Sunday, May 12.

Snakes have already woken up, so be careful. If you see a snake – do not make sudden movements! Wait for her to crawl away. As a rule, a snake simply does not see a stationary object, rescuers emphasized.

What to do in the event of a snake bite?

In case of a snake bite, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. Call 103 or take the injured person to the doctor yourself. After all, only a doctor will be able to provide the necessary medical assistance and, if necessary, apply an antidote.

If transportation to the hospital requires a certain time, it is necessary to provide first aid to the person:

  • ensure rest and a minimum of movements the victim;
  • let him drink a lot of liquid;
  • free the affected part of the body from clothes, shoes;
  • in case of bites in the limb area, fix it with an improvised splint (board , sticks);
  • if possible, apply ice wrapped in a cloth to the wound;
  • disinfect the wound and apply a sterile bandage.

In no case should you cut open the wound and suck out the poison, cauterize the wound, apply a tourniquet, and give the victim alcohol, the doctors emphasized.

Natasha Kumar

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