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Here are six easy ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal at home

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr3,2024

Named six simple ways to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal at home

A few decades ago, the Internet was available only on desktop computers. Today, technology has reached the level where wireless access to the network can be obtained from mobile devices, being in any place where there is a stable signal from a base station.

RBK-Ukraine (Styler project) tells about simple ways improve the Wi-Fi signal at home.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: WIRED, Forbes, PCMag.

Reasons for poor connection with a router

  • the base station is overloaded due to a large number of users
  • the distance to the station is too long
  • the number of antennas is small
  • < li>insufficient antenna power

  • electromagnetic interference
  • the signal is obstructed by buildings or features of the landscape

The quality of the signal depends on the position of the router. How and where to install the device:< /p>

  • move the router away from the window
  • remove obstacles affecting the signal between the user and the router
  • remove devices with electromagnetic radiation
  • do not place the router on the floor
  • install the external antennas in the correct vertical position
  • connect the router to the device using a cable

How to solve the problem and strengthen the Wi-Fi signal

The best option will place the router in the center of the apartment at table level or higher so that the omnidirectional antenna can optimally use all directions of radiation.

It is important to consider that different wall materials have different effects on signal quality. Drywall and wood partitions have the least effect on reception, while reinforced concrete structures are the main obstacles to signal propagation.

Objects with a high metal content, such as household appliances, can also degrade the quality of the connection, so it is recommended minimize their presence in the room.

How to fix the situation with a bad Wi-Fi signal in the apartment

  • install the router higher than human height so that the signal encountered as few obstacles as possible
  • do not place the router against a wall or in a corner, especially if there are household appliances behind the wall
  • it is best to install the device next to the computer, so you do not have to connect via Wi-Fi, the cable will give the best result

If you are in a two-story house, it is recommended to place the device in the center of the building, for example on the second floor, to ensure an even distribution of the signal throughout the building. If there are concrete or reinforced concrete floors in the house, a separate signal amplifier can be installed on each floor to improve its reception.

Remove unnecessary devices

Close location of electronic devices, wires, metal doors, reinforced concrete partitions, insulation on the walls, halogen lamps, mirrors and other objects can negatively affect the propagation of the communication signal.

The quality of the signal usually decreases in the presence of household appliances near the router. It is recommended to place the router in a place away from microwave oven, refrigerator and TV.

Strengthening the signal in the router settings

Sometimes even advanced devices have signal problems, which can be solved by updating the software provision (software) on time. It is important to regularly check device messages, as some routers warn about the presence of new software.

When purchasing a router, it is necessary to block access for outsiders and set your own password. You can also improve the Wi-Fi signal by changing the router settings.

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