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Hawkeye season 2: the Marvel series could feature Clint's brother

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

There are big rumors around season 2 of Hawkeye. Indeed, the continuation of the show around Clint Barton's Kate Bishop would be in the cardboards. And we already have some rumors around the plot of this possible season 2.

 Hawkeye season 2: the Marvel series could feature Clint's brother

Hawkeye : a nice surprise

< p>Released in 2021 on Disney+, Hawkeye has proven to be largely convincing entertainment. A small, unpretentious series, which has not lied about its content. The show, developed by Jonathan Igla above all made it possible to introduce the young Kate Bishop into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Played by Hailee Steinfeld, the latter is dedicated to become one of the main Young Avengers.

Hawkeye season 2: the Marvel series could feature the Clint's brother

The series also featured an aging Falcon's Eye, with its eyes closed. half deaf, tired, who plays the role of mentor here despite his him. Hawkeye also brought back another alter ego of Clint Barton: the terrible Ronin, already introduced in Avengers: Endgame. Then, the series also recalled Vincent d’Onofrioin the shoes of Caïd for the very first time since the end of Marvel’s Daredevil. And finally, Hawkeye introduced Echo (Alaqua Cox) into the MCU. The young woman has since had her own series, a sort of indirect sequel to that series. Hawkeyeexactly. This all goes to say that the Marvel series was more important than expected within the MCU and had its share of surprises in store.

Towards a season 2?

According to scooper MyTimeToShineH, the Hawkeye series will return for a season 2. Indeed, the show will tell the continuation of the adventures of Kate Bishop:

Hawkeke was renewed for a second season. Clint's brother Barney will play a major role, and the season will take inspiration from The Raid, with Kate and Clint stuck in one location.

If We believe MyTimeToShineH, this season 2 will be very different from the first. The Raid is not a reference to take to; the light. Released in 2011, this Indonesian action film directed by by Gareth Evans has become THE reference for contemporary action cinema. A real visual slap in the face, The Raid offers absolutely sumptuous choreographies and has revealed its uniqueness. Iko Uwais (the new Tony Jaa) to the rest of the world. A sequel was even released in 2014. If Hawkeye wants to be inspired by this immense classic of the genre, it's not us who's going to stop it. dear.

Who is Barney Barton?

As for Barney is a little-known character from the Marvel universe. Barney Barton, known as Trickshot, is created; in 1969 by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan. Barney is Clint's brother. They were raised in the same orphanage when their parents died. However, Barney, jealous of his brother's talent, develops deeper and deeper bitterness. However, Barney, became an FBI agent, will stay on the good side of the line. He will even go as far as sacrificing himself during a clash against Egghead to save his brother and the Avengers.

Hawkeye season 2: the Marvel series could feature Clint's brother

However, Barney's remains are recovered by Baron Zemo. He manages to bring it back to life and beyond turn him against his brother. It’s that moment there that Barney Barton takes the name Trickshot and officially becomesa supervillain of the Marvel universe.

Like his brother, Barney is an excellent viewfinder. He becomes an FBI special agent, an outstanding sniper, and an exceptional athlete. His accuracy with the bow is the result of intensive training with Buck Chisholm, the same mentor who trained Hawkeye. Quickly, Trickshot becomes the evil version of Clint Barton, and one of the best archers in the entire Marvel universe.

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