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GTA VI: Take-Two specifies the release date

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

GTA VI remains on everyone's lips. The next installment of Rockstar's cult franchise has been the subject of rumors and speculation for years now, while its release was never announced. so close. After a first trailer, Take-Two, the publisher of the game, specifies the release. And be careful, few surprises around the corner.

GTA VI: Take -Two specifies the release date

GTA VI specifies its release date

Unsurprisingly, Grand Theft Auto VI should follow the tradition of releasing Rockstar games in recent years. In any case, this is what Take-Two suggests during its latest report on its financial results, announcing that the most anticipated game of all time would be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series at a later date. fall 2025.

“Our outlook reflects a narrowing of the window previously established by Rockstar Games from calendar year 2025 to fall 2025 for Grand Theft Auto VI,” explains Take-Two in its report. “We are confident that Rockstar Games will deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience, and our expectations for the title's commercial impact continue to grow.”

A change of plans for Rockstar to believe in this A recent report from Kotaku, according to which the release date ofGTA VIwas initially planned for early 2025.Development is falling behind schedule, with a release that could even be moved to another location. 2026. Obviously, Take-Two wants its game to be released as quickly as possible, in order to start developing its game. get a return on your investment.

Anyway, nothing seems anchored. in stone regarding GTA VI. While a first trailer, whose views exceeded the 190 million mark, allowed us to discover the first official images, a massive leak occurring in 2022 offered a glimpse of what will be this long-awaited GTA VI. Players will head to Florida, with two protagonists: a man and a woman.

GTA VI: Take-Two specifies the release date

Rockstar will not fail to will reveal additional information on its title in the coming months, while many players continue to passionately examine the trailer and the many rumors that abound on the web. ment which takes advantage of this week to specify its release, remains to be seen. know when exactly Grand Theft Auto VI will be released. September? October ? November ? You have 3 hours.

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