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Grand Prix of the international film festival

The film “Dovbush”/"Bird"

The film “Dovbush” directed by Oles Sanin won the Grand Prix of the Ukrainian International Film Festival “Bird” in Great Britain. Radio Maximum congratulates the film team and announces the other nominees.

The decision to award the film the main award was made unanimously by the jury. The press service of the film festival announced this on Facebook.

According to the plot, the highest-grossing Ukrainian feature film of 2023 “Dovbush” tells the story of Oleksa Dovbush, the most famous of the Opryshkiv leaders in the Carpathians. The brutal rule of local magnates forces the Hutsuls to flee to the mountains. Two brothers, Oleksa and Ivan Dovbushi, find themselves outside the law and become outlaws. In search of revenge on the masters for the murder of the Dovbush parents, the brothers become enemies of each other. One seeks money and fame, and the other seeks justice for people.

The incredible talent and work of a powerful film crew led by director Oles Sanin and producer Maksym Asadchi, thanks to the painting of Serhii Mykhalyuchuk, outstanding music and bright acting work, gave birth to this film, which will forever be inscribed in the main film works of Ukraine, the message says.

The winners of the “Bird” film festival in other nominations:

  • the film “Crazy” directed by Denys Tarasov – “Best feature film ( not about the war)”;
  • the film Mirny-21″ directed by Akhtem Seitablayev – “The best feature film about the war”;
  • movie Chas Nedytiachy” directed by Olga Samolevska – “The best full-length documentary film”;
  • tape Vash Vasyl” directed by Svitlana Rudyuk and Oleksandr Avsharov – “The best full-length documentary”;
  • the film “Klaptiki” by Ihor Gavva – “The best short film”;
  • the tape “Strong in Spirit” directed by Vyacheslav Bigun – “The best short documentary film”;
  • film by Lubomir Levytskyi “Follow me” – “The best short documentary about the war”;
  • the film “Taras. Return” directed by Oleksandr Denysenko – Special Award;
  • Irma Vitovska for her role in the film “Crazy” – “Best Actress in a Feature Film”;
  • < li>Kostyantyn Temlyak for his role in the film “Mad Men” – “Best Actor in a Feature Film”;

  • Olexii Hnatkovskyifor the role in the film “Dovbush” – “Best supporting actor in a feature-length feature film”.

This year's Ukrainian International Film Festival in Great Britain “Bird” has the theme “Ukrainian culture and mentality in the European context”. The organizers emphasized in the shows Ukrainian history, culture and historical figures that influenced the development of Europe as a whole.

The festival was supported by the city authorities of Brighton, television media holding Latest CIC, BBC Sussex, members of the Parliament of Great Britain, television and film stars Britain and cinematographers UK.

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