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Brazil wants to invite Putin to the G20 and protect him from arrest by the ICC, – the media

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The administration of Brazilian President Lula da Silva intends to invite Brazil to the G20 summit. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in Rio da Janeiro. This was reported by the publication Folha de S.Paulo.

To this end, the Brazilian side, back in November last year, exactly a year before the next G20 summit, sent a letter to the UN with a proposal to introduce immunity for the participants of the congress, taking into account that the Kremlin leader should be detained in any of the states that signed the Rome Statute regulating the activities of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Brazil signed such a statute, and according to the protocol, when Putin’s plane lands at Rio airport da Janeiro, the dictator must be arrested.

However, da Silva, who is known for his many years of sympathy for the president of the Russian Federation,  I am convinced that the arrest in this case will become an obstacle to international negotiations and a peaceful settlement, for which, in fact, the G20 and is going to the congress.

BAGNET reminds that in March 2023, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for dictator Putin and the Russian Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights, Maria Lvova-Belova, who are suspected of direct participation in the theft of Ukrainian children from territories captured by Russian troops.

Illegal deportation of children, change of their citizenship, adoption into Russian families violate the Geneva Convention, recognized as genocide in PACE, and called a war crime against people of Ukraine.

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