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Google will work with TSMC to create the Tensor G5 processor, which will be the basis of the Pixel 10

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

Google to work with TSMC to build Tensor G5 processor, which will be the basis of Pixel 10

According to the latest information, Google will work with TSMC to produce its future of the Tensor G5 chipset, which will be used in the Pixel 10 line of smartphones. Based on data provided in a publicly available trading database, it appears that Google has entered into an agreement with TSMC. A Google Tensor G5 sample delivery declaration was found in the database, although the term “Tensor G5” not mentioned Judging by the LGA codename of the G5, one can come to the disappointing conclusion that this is a sample of a chipset that is still in the early stages of development.

Based on the information in the declaration, the amount of RAM is 16 GB, which speaks about the presence of a large amount of memory in the Pixel 10 smartphones. The sender of the samples is indicated as a division of Google in Taiwan, and the importer is the Tessolve Semiconductor company in India. Since Tessolve specializes in semiconductor inspection and testing, it's safe to assume that Google sent the samples to Tessolve for testing, not Samsung. Perhaps this choice was made in order to save money, but also because Google can confidently rely on the reliability of Tessolve's services. indicates serious work on its development. This is also the first time that Google has turned to TSMC to manufacture its own chipset. This cooperation can be an important step to create an ecosystem based on our own technologies.

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