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At a record distance from the front. A Ukrainian drone was “found” near the Russian city of Orsk

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

At a record distance from the front. A Ukrainian drone was "found" near the Russian city of Orsk

A Ukrainian drone fell in the Orenburg region of the Russian Federation near the city of Orsk, Russian media reports.

As writes the Russian Telegram channel Ural56.ru with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies, the target of the drone was probably a military facility.

On the territory of Orsk is the oil refinery Nefteorgsintez and the Orsk Mechanical Plant, which produces artillery shells, writes the Russian Telegram channel Agency. News.

There it is also noted that the UAV fell at a "record distance" from the front line. In  Agency. Novosti noted that the distance from Ukrainian Kramatorsk to Russian Orsk is 1,520 km.

On May 9, a SBU drone hit the Gazprom Naftokhim Salavat oil refinery in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. Then the drone set a historical record, covering a distance of 1,500 km.

The Russian edition EAN reported that the UAV fell in the district of the village of Gorkivske, Novoorsk district, near Orsk. As  writes the EAN, the Voronezh-M new-generation radar station has been operating there for several years.

Attacks by Ukrainian UAVs on  the Russian refinery — what is known

Since the end of January, Ukraine has been regularly striking oil refineries in Russia with long-range drones. In total, the Security Service carried out at least 13 successful attacks on Russian refineries, stated the head of the SBU, Vasyl Malyuk. According to him, thanks to this, oil production and processing in the Russian Federation decreased by 12%. He emphasized that revenues from the export of petroleum products make up a third of the Russian budget and the "lion's share" of the military budget.

It is known about strikes on the following enterprises:

  • Tuapsyn Refinery, January 24
  • Volgograd Refinery, February 3
  • < li>Afip Refinery, February 9

  • Illinsky Refinery, February 9
  • Lukoil-Nizhegorodnaftoorgsintez Refinery, March 12
  • Ryazan Refinery, March 13
  • Kaluga Refinery, March 15
  • Syzran Refinery, March 16
  • Kuibyshev Refinery, March 16
  • Slov’yan Refinery, March 17
  • Novokuibyshevsky Refinery, March 23
  • TANECO Refinery, April 2
  • Ilsky Refinery, April 27
  • Slov’yansky Refinery, April 27
  • Ryazan Refinery, May 2
  • Gazprom Naftokhim Salavat Refinery, May 9
  • Kaluga Refinery, May 10
  • Tuapsyn Refinery, May 17.

On April 30, Politico reported that&nbsp in Russia, as a result of drone attacks on oil refineries, the supply of gasoline is running out. It is noted that the prices of diesel fuel for Russian consumers increased by almost 10% in a week. Gasoline prices have increased by 20% since the beginning of the year.

According to NV sources, on May 17, the SBU together with the State Security Service attacked Russian military logistics facilities located in Crimea and on the Russian coast of the Black Sea.

SBU and GUR jointly struck the Sevastopol Bay, scouts — by the Novorossiysk seaport, and the Security Service of Ukraine— attacked the Tuapsyn Oil Refinery.

According to data from NV sources, SBU drones have  "visited" for the second time this year  The Tuapsin Refinery, which the Russians have begun to restore, due to which repair will have to start all over again.

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