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Furry combat friend: the military revealed a cat that became a member of the unit

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr18,2024

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Servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine talked about a cat that supported their fighting spirit and performed “strategic tasks” near the positions. They affectionately named her “Cat”.

When the soldiers were in position, they saw a cat nearby, which they decided to save and took to the dugout. This was reported in the 3055th unit of the National Guard.

The cat got along with the military, began to help them and make life easier at the front.

At first we fed the little one, and then the cat started to perform one of the strategic tasks – she cleaned the dugouts from the invasion of mice and rats, – says the defender under the pseudonym Sova.

Also, in the part it was said that the cat often felt the emotional state of the soldiers and tried to cheer them up or calm them down.< /p>

It happened that you went on a mission for a day or several days, but you know that you will return, and a cat is waiting for you. As if at home. This made it calmer. In addition, these animals feel your emotional state well. Our cat knew how to maintain fighting spirit even in the most difficult moments. Despite constant shelling and loud explosions, she behaved calmly, Sova noted.

When defenders from Rivne returned home from the front, “Kotusko” went with them. The cat settled with the family of national guard Sova.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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