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Force majeure at the 2024 Olympic Games: it was not possible to light the fire from the sun's rays

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr18,2024


Force majeure at the 2024 Olympic Games:/REUTERS

The relay of the Olympic flame of the 2024 Summer Games in Paris has started in Olympia (Greece). According to tradition, the fire is lit in the ancient temple of Hera from the sun's rays with the help of a parabolic mirror.

Greek actress Mary Mina in the role of high priestess became the main character of the process. The weather is overcast in Olympia, and the fire was lit from the flames obtained from the rays of the sun the day before at the dress rehearsal of the ceremony.

The high priestess offered a prayer to Apollo to send rays and light the fire of Olympia, and to Zeus to he crowned the winners of the Games with wreaths.

The first torchbearer was the 2000 Olympic champion in rowing, Greek Stephanos Duskos.

At first, the Olympic torch relay will pass through the territory of Greece. And on April 26 in Athens, the symbol of the Games will be handed over to the French delegation. The next day, the fire will leave for Marseille on the three-masted vessel Belém.

Natasha Kumar

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