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Furiosa: George Miller reveals the place of dialogue in his Mad Max spin-off

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May13,2024

Nine years after Fury Road, the post-apocalyptic universe of George Miller is back in a highly anticipated spin-off entitled ; Furiosa. The first notices of this new opus of the Mad Max saga are putting the water to the test. mouth, but fans of dialogue be warned:the characters in the film will be anything but talkative.A position which is not new, and which the director has justified ; in interview.  

Furiosa: George Miller reveals the place of dialogue in his Mad Max spin-off

George Miller and his love of quiet cinema

Begun in 1981 with Mel Gibson in the lead role, the Mad Max franchise experienced a great renaissance in the mid-2010s. Brought up to date by its creator, George Miller, the post-apocalyptic saga was given a second lease of life with Tom Hardy< /strong>. Violent, visually splendid, wild, ecological and feminist, this opus appealed to moviegoers, unaccustomed to similar spectacle. One of the atypical aspects of Fury Road, even more than in the original trilogy, it's his lack of dialogue. The characters, having more than limited access to à water in an arid and hostile environment, saves their saliva as well as the precious liquid. A bias that George Miller justifies in these terms: our colleagues from the Telegraph:

The problem with dialogues is that they tend to become confusing. You can slow things down, and cinema is a means of expression that is often best enjoyed in person. high speed.

The filmmaker is a fan of “pure cinema”, of the silent comedy of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and other greats of silent comedy that “Hitchcock defined as films for which it is not necessary to read the subtitles when they are shown in Japan “. According to the Telegraph, over the very long period of time that Furiosa lasts, Anya Taylor-Joy only has around thirty lines of dialogue.< /strong> And this, for a story told about the 15 years which separate the withdrawal from heroin in his childhood to his childhood. the war waged by his tribe.

And you, what do you think of this bias?

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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