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Captain America 4: Marvel takes action against film leaks on Instagram

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May13,2024

After the first official photos of Captain America 4 unveiled by Marvel a month ago, the studios must faceface to face a leak of new images from the film. Except that this time, they are determined to do so. track down whoever is hiding behindthe account guilty of these leaks.For this, they call on Instagram.

Captain America 4: Marvel takes action against film leaks on Instagram

Marvel takes action action against leaks

The first returns ofCaptain America 4Although they may not be crazy, Marvel Studios continues to apply its famous policy of secrecy. An updated policy. tough test by Hollywood insiders, whose always well-informed sources allow them to obtaininformation before anyone else. Whether it's the agenda of the majors, changes in film titles, castings or even scripts that are so well kept under lock and key, nothing escapes them. They then share with their subscribers these juicy preview details, to the great dismay of the studios who lose their element of surprise. If it is complicated to act against theseinsiders, this time, Marvel and Disney are determined to do so. don't let yourself be fooled: society property rights intellectual property of Marvel, MVL Film Finance, has taken legal action in California following; a recent leak.

Captain America 4: Marvel takes action against the film leaks on Instagram

The leak in question concernsan Instagram story containing images of the upcomingCaptain Americaa,shared by user CanWeGetSomeToast. Discovered by a Disney lawyer, this leak is obviously too serious in the eyes of the studios not to be contained, and they want to do so. at any cost find out who is behind the scoop. According to a statement from Matthew Slatoff, vice president in charge of safety world and content protection, these images of Brave New World have been protected. published without authorization. Marvel therefore requires Instagram that the social network provide them with all information likely to help identify the account holder. This includes names, physical addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and payment account information.

What do you think? Are Marvel Studios right to seek more? unmask the culprit?

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