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From a star to a car washer: singer Yogen changes his image in the new music video “I'll do everything”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

From a star to a car wash: singer Yogen changes his image in the new clip

YOGEN/Press Service

Ukrainian singer Yogen presents a new single “I will do everything”. It's a pop ballad full of deep emotions and a powerful sound.

Singer Yogen changes his profession to a car washer for a girl in the new video “I'll do everything”. The track is now available on all platforms.

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“I will do everything for you, my dear” – sings the romantic of the Ukrainian scene Yogen. A sincere declaration of love is the leitmotif of the singer's new single.

This is a confession of love for a girl whom the hero sees not only as a lover, but also as a bride and mother of children. Every line of the track is permeated with sincerity and love. It is a combination of a bright feeling of love and a promise of boundless loyalty.

In the composition, Yogen experiments with the sound, adding to the pop sound and strong melodic vocals pop-rock elements in the chorus. Bass guitar and drums further enhance the emotionality of the storytelling. Sound producer Vadym Lysytsia worked on the sound of the track.

I want the lines from my new song “I will do everything for you, my darling, to cry only from how happy” were not just words, but actions of all men in relation to their ladies of the heart, says Yogen.

Along with the track, the singer presents a video clip. The director of the video is Max Salo. This is a continuation of the incredible story from the clip “I will be the one”. According to the plot, the artist tries on the image of a car wash and goes to the car wash.

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