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“Buyna” by Ruslan and the stylish MONATIK: May is rich in music premieres

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024


Listen to the songs that were released in May/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

The last month of spring turned out to be extremely fruitful for musical novelties. Ukrainian performers have released several dozen compositions. Several albums were also released at once. We offer you to listen to all the new releases of May on Radio MAXIMUM.

New songs and clips of compositions by artists are for your attention. Listen to the song with which Jerry Heil and alyona alyona could perform at Eurovision 2024, and also meet the new image of the legendary singer Ruslana. And that's not all.

Playlist of new Ukrainian songs of March, listen online:

May was generous with powerful songs. In particular, those dedicated to our defenders. If you haven't heard these songs yet, do it immediately. And those songs that you liked the most – add them to your playlist!

Without Limits – To Heroes

“Heroes” is a song for people who believe in their country and do not compromise on the issues of independence and integrity of the sovereignty of their State. The song is dedicated to everyone who cares about the future of their country, who cares about the understanding of Independence,
emphasized frontman Serhiy Tanchynets.


“Sky” is our joint composition with CKAYA. We wrote it very quickly because we had a cool synergy. This track motivates to move forward, despite the weather conditions and any difficulties in life. Heaven will always show us the right path,
– comments YAKTAK.

Max Barskikh – Not enough

This track was inspired by a personal story of experiences: in the modern world of options, it has become difficult to find reciprocity, and it is even more difficult to keep sincere feelings longer than one year,
– the artist shares his own experiences.

Palindrome – Sparkle< /h2>

Representatives of Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Jerry Heil and Alyona Alyona released another joint track on May 12. Its name is “Podolyanochka” (Get Up). Before participating in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, the singers chose between two options – “Teresa & Maria” and “Podolyanochka”. As you know, they chose the first song with which they presented Ukraine on the international stage in Malmö.

Kryhitka – album “Megalyubov”

This album is a fulfilled promise, charged by people who believe in us and listen to us. There are no random tracks in it. The songs were composed in different periods, before and during the full-scale invasion. Some of them do not carry echoes of the war, others are a direct reaction to modern events. We decided to summarize this stage of creativity and focus on new material, already with the awareness of a new stage of history,
– stressed Oleksandra Koltsova.

O.Torvald – Amsterdam

It is interesting that the plot of the clip is based on real events, because the band members were inspired by a real warrior who has the call sign “Amsterdam”.

“When the song “Amsterdam” was written, we thought that it was about the hope that sooner or later all this will definitely happen, and we can dream about pre-war Kyiv, about traveling. But when we decided to shoot a clip for this song, in my the story of my brother, who is now defending Ukraine from the invaders, came to mind. He always dreamed of visiting Amsterdam, but he had never been there before the war. Instead of running away from the defense of his country, he joined the Armed Forces in March 2022 And he has the call sign “Amsterdam”, – said Zhenya Halych.

Monatic – What?

For the first time in a long time, the famous Ukrainian singer Dmytro Monatik presented the new song “What?” and a clip to it. The dance video was directed by Ukrainian Grammy nominee Tanya Muinho.

New video for the song “What?” this is the 20th joint work of the tandem MONATIK and Muinho, who shot their first music video “Circling” back in 2016. Filming of the new clip “And what?” took place in Kyiv.

Jamala – Love

This track is addressed to all those who believe in love in all its manifestations: whether it is love for a man or a child. Despite everything, always remember and do not forget this bright feeling, because where there is love, there is life. Where there is this love, there is continuation, and there is definitely hope.

And we can be insecure, confused, lonely, and that's okay. But it seems to me that what gives people hope is really the expectation, the hope that one day we will fly away from this feeling and love in spite of everything. And there are such constants as man, woman, birth, like the ocean, rivers… all this suggests that where you are, there is life,
– the artist noted.

Ruslana – Buina

Ruslana's new image is a logical continuation of her original style. At the same time, this is not music for relaxation.

“Riolent” is an emotion. The emotion of “grooving” all over the metal at once and to the maximum. This will be a “not quiet” album. This is music to excite the whole body and voice to extreme drive, Ruslana comments.

WELLBOY – Numbers

The composition “Numbers” tells the love story of two characters who were looking for each other in different worlds and finally found themselves in one of them. The song is full of emotion and symbolism, where Wellboy masterfully conveys the depth of feeling through numbers.

This is a kind of story where numbers become symbols of love, and each number hides an emotional code that can only be deciphered by someone who opens their heart. The artist also drew a parallel with the numerical matrix in which people drowned.

More new tracks for May:

  • Panas Buyny – “Baldia”;
  • Chico & Qatoshi – “Pearl tears”;
  • Alina Pash and Zbaraski – “Never again”;
  • Alena Omargalieva – “When you are gone”;
  • Adam – “Kiss”;
  • SKYLERR – “Trains-Roads”;
  • PARFENIUK – “On the Roof”;
  • KALUSH and Balsam – “Wake Me Up”;< /li>
  • YATSUTA – “Pleasure”;
  • HAS – “Forget”;
  • MAYOROVA – “Thoughts”;
  • Olena Usenko – album “7 steps”;
  • Ostrovskyi – “Angry”;
  • Mar'ya – “I know”;
  • < li>Nikita Kiselyov – “Linden”;

  • CHEEV – “Tarot”;
  • Serhiy Babkin – “Our Soul”;
  • Viktor Vinnyk and MARY – ” The Voice of War”;
  • Olexander Voloshyn – “Effort”.
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