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Found a treasure: fisherman James Kane pulled out a safe with a hundred thousand dollars from the lake

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024

Found a treasure: fisherman James Kane pulled a safe with a hundred thousand dollars from the lake

James Kane/Associated Press

Fisherman James Kane from New York with the help of a powerful magnet fished a safe from a local lake, which contained approximately 100 thousand dollars. This kind of fishing is common in the city.

His girlfriend, Barbie Agostini, filmed this event. This is reported by the Associated Press.

The notes were sealed with a protective 3D tape, indicating recent production, but there were no signs on the safe that would indicate the rightful owner.< /p>

The couple, James Kane and Barbie Agostini, said they called the police to report their find, but were told there were no signs of a crime.

So the couple plans to take the wet money to Bureau of Engraving and Printing at Washington,to exchange them. They hope to use the money to buy a new car and upgrade their content creation equipment.

The police said it was ours because it was a find, Kane said.

James and Barbie often have to call the police because they often find guns while fishing.

The New York fisherman is not the only one who does magnet fishing. Recently, a human skull attached to a dumbbell was found in this way in New Orleans, and in Georgia – a rifle and belongings of a couple who were killed nine years ago.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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