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Anthem of unbreakable love: DIBROVA and Olena Topolya present the new track “You Want”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024

Hymn of unbreakable love: DIBROVA and Olena Topolya present the new track "Hochesh"

DIBROVA and Olena Topolya/YouTube

Ukrainian performers DIBROVA and Olena Topolya jointly presented the lyrical song “Wish”. This is a deep and emotional composition that conquers the hearts of listeners with its content and melody.

The network has already appreciated the incredible duet. Listen to the track on all music platforms.

This track is a true symbol of unbreakable faith in the power of true feelings and the ability of love to inspire and sustain in the most difficult moments of life.

Song ” You want” about the best and brightest moments – the union of two people who start a joint journey. It is perfect for the first dance of the newlyweds, who, like no one else, know about the hottest period of love. When everything turns into a deeper awareness, into plans for life. I would really like many families to be formed under this song and for them to be strong, – comments Olena Topolya.

The artists created a piece of music that reflects real emotions and experiences familiar to everyone. Each line of the song conveys deep feelings and sincerity, which makes the composition special and close to the listeners.

In this song, we want to record all the love stories of many Ukrainians who are looking for strength and inspiration to continue living and to fight in spite of everything, says DIBROVA. – This is a track about each of us, about our ability to love and believe, no matter what.

Natasha Kumar

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