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Five families on the street after a fire in Wemotaci

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The community of Wemotaci is located on the banks of the Saint-Maurice River. (Archive photo)

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A fire completely destroyed a four-unit building in Wemotaci, during the night from Thursday to Friday. Five families find themselves on the street.

The fire caused no injuries, but the fifteen people who resided in the building lost everything, confirms the Atikamekw Council of Wemotaci (CAW), this community located 115 kilometers to the northwest of La Tuque, in Mauricie.

A solidarity campaign was launched Friday by the CAW to support the victims. The emergency measures committee is also mobilized to raise money and goods.

A team is working to relocate the five families from the street. Two of them resided at the same address, a family of seven, two adults and five children, as well as a mother and her child.

Meals will be offered free to disaster victims.

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The origin of the blaze which devastated the building on Kiskaman Street remains unknown. A police investigation will begin on Monday to determine the exact causes of the incident.

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