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FIQ: the agreement in principle is approved ;e by 53% of delegates

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Thousands of FIQ members during 'a rally in March.


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53% of delegates from the Quebec Interprofessional Health Federation (FIQ) approved the agreement in principle with the Quebec government.

The text had to be adopted by the Federal Council which met for three days. Within the ranks of the union, we recognize that there is division internally.

The president of the FIQ, Julie Bouchard, indicated that she will not grant an interview before Monday. She says she wants to talk to her members first.

In a press release released Friday, the president acknowledges that this agreement in principle will not resolve all of the network's problems and we are fully aware of this. It is the result of sometimes heartbreaking choices and the delegates were able to express themselves freely on its content over the last two days.

Ms. Bouchard underlined in the same press release significant advances, including a 17.4% salary increase.

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On April 10, 11 and 12, the 80,000 members will speak at of a referendum vote.

The FIQ and Quebec reached an agreement in principle on March 19 after more than 15 months of negotiations.

The Gordian knot was that of the flexibility required of nurses. Employers wanted to be able to move nurses between care units, or even health establishments, according to their needs.

On the side of government, reactions to this vote by delegates were terse.

Prime Minister François Legault said Friday that this is an important milestone, but I don't want to say more until there is will not have a vote from the members.

For his part, the Minister of Health Christian Dubé declared: Let the nurses vote on the agreement, when it will be done, we can talk about it.

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