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Experts told how to fix screen burn-in on the phone

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr15,2024

Specialists told how to fix screen burn-in on your phone

You should always keep a close eye on the condition of your screen as screen burn-in can happen at any moment, use these tips.

Your smartphone screen can fail at any moment due to burn-in problems. Screen burn-in occurs when a static image is displayed on the screen for a long time and leaves a trace or “flash” even after the image is changed or the device is turned off.

This problem most often occurs on liquid crystal display (LCD) and organic light-emitting diode (LED) screens ( OLED), but can also occur on other types of screens.

To prevent screen burn-in, it is recommended to reduce the brightness of the screen to a comfortable level that does not load the pixels. It's also important to regularly change static backgrounds or screensavers to evenly distribute the load on the screen and prevent burn-in.

Modern devices usually have built-in screen saver modes, such as Night Mode or Dark Mode, which use dark tones to reduce the load on the pixel and prevent burn-in.

To protect the screen from damage, it is recommended to use a film or phone case. It is also important to clean the screen regularly with a screen cleaner to remove burn-in marks.

To reduce the time of static images, it is recommended to move or refresh the content on the screen regularly. For example, if you have a widget that almost always looks the same, try to move it around and keep your phone looking dynamic.

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