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Experts advised that it is necessary to change the settings of the smartphone in order to speed up its operation

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr15,2024

Experts advised what to change in the settings of the smartphone to speed up its operation

If your smartphone began to work very slowly and perform all tasks with a delay, experts advise you to try to fix this problem is in the settings.

Before you think about replacing your smartphone with a newer model, you should try three simple life hacks that can help speed up the operation of your mobile device.

Experts advise digging into the phone's settings and using three small tricks that will make the smartphone work much more efficiently. And these tips will be relevant for both Android and iPhone devices.

First, check how much memory is left on the phone and free up storage space if necessary.

For after that, open the “Storage” item in the settings and select the “Free up space” option – there you can delete all the garbage, applications and games that you do not use, as well as unnecessary large files, and thereby improve the performance of your smartphone.

Secondly, try to close all the applications that are running on the phone. Often we forget to close applications, and as a result, dozens of applications run in the background, overloading the device. Therefore, try to open the list of all running programs with the necessary gesture or button and close all of them.

Also, for the best performance of mobile phones, experts advise to turn off the animation of programs, because they use a significant amount of memory. This is a very fast and effective way to improve the performance of a mobile device.

For this, in the settings, select the “Universal access” section, then the “Text and display” item, select the “Remove animation” option – and done.

Natasha Kumar

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