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Experts named the main signs that the smartphone was hacked

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr12,2024

Experts named the main signs that your smartphone has been hacked

There are signs that let you know that your personal data has been compromised by a hacked mobile phone.

First of all, criminals are attracted by the large amount of information that is now contained on any smartphone.

By hacking a phone, criminals try not only to gain access to bank cards, but also to intercept a person's personal data and then sell them or use them for blackmail.

According to cyber experts, there are the most common signs of smartphone hacking. And one of them – rapid discharge of the gadget's battery.

The increase in Internet traffic should also alert the smartphone owner. In this way, miscreants use an infected device to make calls, collect and transfer data, send text messages, or make purchases.

Among the signs of hacking are also independent enabling or disabling of GPS, Wi-Fi or mobile data functions, random pop-ups with advertisements or installation of unknown applications without the permission of the smartphone owner.

Any smartphone owner should also pay attention to suspicious the behavior of programs, applications and even the system. For example, sudden startup, shutdown or complete failure, as well as displaying errors.

If the phone started to overheat – this is also one of the signs that the smartphone has been hacked and is running malicious software that consumes a lot of resources and leads to overheating.

If the owner of the smartphone has encountered more than one of the signs, cyber experts recommend performing a reset to factory settings or contact the service center.

However, in order to avoid breaking the smartphone, it is necessary to update the operating system and applications to the latest versions. Download applications only from official sources, use the most reliable mobile security applications.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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