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Designers have created a space bag that is 99% air and weighs 33 grams

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar14,2024


Air Swipe handbag is 99% made of air/Radio MAXIMUM collage

An unusual Air Swipe bag is for your attention. It's made of the lightest solid material on planet Earth.

An egg-shaped, almost transparent clutch that looks like it was plucked straight from a spaceship in the movie Arrival, the Air Swipe is made of a substance that it's 99% air and 1% glass. The glass part is actually silica nanomaterial airgel, which Coperni's creative team describes as “very delicate (and not fragile),” writes Harper's Bazaar. p>

Before becoming the latest fashion breakthrough, silica airgel was used by NASA to collect space dust because the material can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures up to 4,000 times its weight.

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Designed by Prof By Ioannis Michaloudis – a researcher and artist who pioneered the use of silica airgel in fine art – the Air Swipe is the largest object ever created from this nanomaterial… andit only weighs about 33 grams.

Coperni's creation raises big questions about the future of accessories. If we can make a wallet virtually out of thin air, what's next? And is this a signal for a more sustainable fashion future?

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Of course when we turn to clutches for style, we also expect them to hold things. When Coperni posted a video of the bag on Instagram, one commenter said what was on everyone's mind, asking: “Does it function as a bag?”

The brand responded:< strong> “It can hold an iPhone ;)”.

That's right, friends: lightweight, eco-friendly, futuristic and functional. As Fashion Month draws to a close, Coperni proves that the sky really is the limit, and the air itself may be the key to all our future favorite bags.

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