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Emergency death: an error that “happens” ;, replies Dubé

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Emergencies at the Lanaudière Regional Hospital Center, in Joliette. (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

A triage error in the emergency room, “this kind of error happens,” replied the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, when questioned Thursday about the death of a woman from 73 years old in the toilets of the Joliette emergency room.

France Boisclair died of an aneurysm on August 11 after waiting 17 hours in the emergency room without seeing a single doctor, reported Le Journal de Montréal having read the coroner's report.

During question period on Thursday, responding to Liberal health spokesperson André Fortin, Minister Dubé indicated that he had looked at the report. He explained that it is a triage and care issue.

The nurse […] will give a priority level. […] In this case, it would seem, according to the first data we have, that there was a diagnosis error at the priority level. It's very unfortunate, declared Mr. Dubé at Salon bleu.

This kind of error happens. The case should not be generalized. We have had significant improvements made in Joliette, he continued, while Mr. Fortin said he noted that nothing is improving in the emergency room. p>LoadingThe death toll from the head-on collision in Chapais rises to five deaths

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ELSE ON INFO: The death toll from the head-on collision in Chapais increases to five deaths

He also recalled that since December, three patients have died in the Châteauguay emergency room before x27;have seen a doctor.

To support his claims, the Liberal elected official cited a recent study by the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI), which shows that there has been no improvement in working times. ;waiting in emergencies.

The minister presents plan, plan after plan, plan after plan, but he suffers failure, after failure, over failure. Why is he unable to improve the situation in the emergency room? asked Mr. Fortin.

On the contrary, replied Mr. Dubé, emergencies are improving, the proof being that they now treat a larger volume patients, including the elderly. I took stock with the CEOs and said: ''Well done! We're heading in the right direction, he said.

Mr. Fortin pointed out that as of Thursday morning, the average occupancy rate at the Châteauguay emergency room, for example, was 181%.

Patients were waiting 10:15 a.m. in the emergency room, he lamented. This is seven and a half times the promise of the Coalition Avenir Québec of 90 minutes, then 181%, this is well beyond the threshold of 150% where we place patients at risk.

In the press scrum, Mr. Dubé declared that some establishments were improving faster than others.

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