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Dasha Suvorova presented a new author's track for the first time in three years

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr9,2024

Dasha Suvorova presented a new original track for the first time in three years

Dasha Suvorova/Press Service

On April 5, the Ukrainian singer presented the single “Poppies” and a video monoplay for it. The story reveals the deep drama experienced by the artist in her personal life.

Dasha Suvorova wrote the song “Poppies” even before the start of the full-scale war. Then, as the artist admits, the composition was not written in Ukrainian, and the context was completely different.

The singer talked about the love she met in her native Artemivsk, known as Bakhmut. Then Dasha postponed the song until better times. But now “Poppies” have acquired new meanings.

This was my personal loss – I wrote the text in a tragic, beautiful May. I was sitting on the balcony, on Horodetsky Street, Kyiv was in the palm of my hand in front of me. And in the morning I received a terrible message: “no more…”, Dasha told the story of the creation of the composition.

In the clip, the viewer is invited to a one-man show in which the heroine tells her love story in an empty hall, where it is not so important to be heard, but to have the courage to sing for yourself.

Daria Drozhdenko was the director of the video which was inspired by Suvorova's dramatic concert at the October Palace during the war.

We tried to move to a world where every movement is a dance between love and pain, and such sincerity is available, in my opinion, only in well-known places – says Daria Drozhdenko.

In the atmospheric video, the singer tells her story with the help of dance and color. Red is love, black is grief, and music reveals the soul in every note, reflecting deep feelings where love and pain dance in a waltz.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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