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CPDQ Infra will submit a “inter-river link” project /></p>
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<p class=La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

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The Minister of Education and Member of Parliament for Lévis assures that the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec will propose “an inter-river link” during the unveiling, in June, of its analysis for a mobility project in Quebec.

Questioned on the subject during a speech before the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Greater Lévis, Bernard Drainville tried to reassure his audience, the vast majority of whom were in favor of a project for a third link between Quebec and Lévis.

The commitment we have from the Caisse […] is that they will submit a project for an inter-bank link. […] That is a given, said the minister. They are going to submit a project for a link between the two banks.

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The Minister of Education and responsible for the Chaudière-Appalaches region Bernard Drainville, was the guest on Monday noon at the political meetings of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Greater Lévis.

Bernard Drainville did not specify whether this concerns the creation of a third link further east, like the tunnel abandoned by his government, or the replacement of x27;an existing link.

The mandate, announced in November, is however more vague. CDPQ Infra's analysis mandate effectively provides for the identification of solutions aimed at improving mobility and fluidity throughout the Quebec metropolitan community, also taking into account travel needs between the two shores, reiterated Michelle Lamarche, director of media relations and digital content for CDPQ Infra, without providing further details.

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Minister Drainville went further on Monday. If you look at the mandate, which is very public, there is an inter-rival link, the minister reiterated to journalists after his speech.

When we talk to the CDPQ […], it is very clear in the discussions we have with the Caisse that' they intend to submit a project for an inter-river link.

A quote from Bernard Drainville, MP for Lévis and Minister of Education

The member for Lévis says he continues to raise awareness among the government of the needs of the population. I know how important this is to us and to you. You know how extremely disappointed I was with the decision that was taken. In fact, all the members from Chaudière-Appalaches were extremely disappointed. I want you to know one thing: we never gave up on the idea of ​​a new link. Even after the announcement, we continued to work internally. When the Prime Minister reactivated it, we were very happy, concludes Bernard Drainville.

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