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Climate activists in Italy poured “paint” over the ministry for the second time in two days

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

Climate activists in Italy poured

Representatives of the Ultima Generazione (“Last Generation”) group, which advocates radical measures to combat the climate crisis, on May 21 poured an easily washable substance over the building of the Italian Ministry of Health.

This is reported by “European Truth” with reference to ANSA.

Protesters sprayed orange “paint” over the entrance to the building of the Italian Ministry of Health in Rome In addition, one of them glued himself to the ground in front of the ministry, while others pasted leaflets with data on the number of deaths and illnesses related to global warming.

“I am here, in front of the Ministry of Health, because the health of citizens should not continue to be sacrificed on the altar of profit”, – said one of the protesters, 28-year-old physicist Leonardo.

Rome police quickly arrived and dispersed the activists of Ultima Generazione.

As ANSA writes, the day before climate protesters poured black paint on the facade of the Italian Ministry of Justice. In both cases, they used an easy-to-wash substance that only resembles paint.

Activists over the past few years have distinguished themselves with similar actions throughout Italy, during which they poured paint over monuments or cultural objects – arguing that it draws attention to global climate issues.

Against this background, the Italian Parliament finally approved a law at the beginning of the year introducing tougher penalties for those who damage monuments and cultural sites.< /p>

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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