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China invented a drone for reconnaissance in the form of a fish: what is known about the mysterious device

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun9,2024

In China, a reconnaissance drone in the form of a fish was invented: what is known about the mysterious device

China plans to expand the fleet of underwater stingray drones with an eye on reconnaissance functions.

Underwater drones, previously used in China to monitor corals, will now be used for reconnaissance purposes. Details reported media South China Morning Post.

Drones with a soft body resemble real stingrays and move in a similar way. They are equipped with BeiDou cameras, sonar and navigation systems, enabling them to transmit real-time video and location information. Drones weighing 800 kg are capable of reaching a depth of 1,000 meters.

It is reported that the devices will be modified in such a way as to carry an additional payload. In particular, Chinese engineers plan to create a drone-scat weighing 1 ton, which will be able to dive deeper, have greater autonomy, perform not only reconnaissance tasks, but also attack enemy ships. It is known that such devices will work both individually and in flocks. This will enable them to explore very large areas.

Developers are concerned that drones may be attacked by sharks, as they are very similar to real stingrays. In addition, various microorganisms can attach to their surface and make navigation difficult. To solve this problem, the team intends to apply a special gel that will prevent microorganisms from sticking to the body of the device.

Drones have been used by China to monitor coral reefs since 2006. They were launched into the waters of the South China Sea to track the behavior of special species of starfish that threaten coral reefs by feeding on them.

Natasha Kumar

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