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A technology startup has developed a touch device that allows you to control gadgets using your tongue

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun9,2024

Technology startup has developed a touch device that allows you to control gadgets with the help of the tongue

The company Augmental has created a touch device MouthPad that allows you to control a computer or smartphone with the help of tongue and head movements . The device, located in the mouth, connects to gadgets via Bluetooth and does not require the installation of additional programs. The developers believe that MouthPad will be useful for paralyzed people.

The MouthPad touch panel recognizes tongue movements in real time, which allows paralyzed people to control the cursor on the screen. The device is compatible with MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems, charges in two hours and can work continuously for five hours. Practically invisible to the outside world, but always available to you, it is located in the sky, allowing you to use all the power of a regular touchpad on the tip of your tongue», — developers note.

Each MouthPad is custom-made using 3D printing and dental materials. The company collaborated with 40 people to improve the technology. One of the MouthPad users is University of Maryland student Keely Horch, who uses the device to write code, equations and take notes during lectures. According to her, the device made her more independent.

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