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Border guards showed a funny video with sheep that crossed the border illegally

sheep crossed the border illegally/Screenshot from the video

The night before, a flock of sheep decided to have an extraordinary grazing. She crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border twice. This unexpected event caused surprise among Polish border guards, who call this case a “relapse”.

The message about this event came from the Bieszczady Division of the Border Service, which was at the outpost in Korchova. The devices signaled the approach of the herd to the border, and the crossing of the herd was recorded on the monitors of the service.

The press secretary of the BOSG commander, Piotr Zakelyarz, said that the border guards informed the owner of the herd in time, who managed to influence the behavior of the animals with the help of calls. As a result, the flock returned to Poland and was taken to the herd.

The devices announced the approach of figures to the border line. A herd of sheep was recognized on the monitoring screens. The animals crossed the border and began to graze. The uniformed officers, who know the border area and its residents very well, notified the owner. Encouraged by the owner's calls, the herd returned to Poland after some time,
– said the press secretary of the BOSG commander Piotr Zakeliarz.

The flock of sheep decided to cross the border illegally: watch the video

< iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen frameborder="0" height="360" referrerpolicy="strict-origin-when-cross- origin" src="" title="Nietypowe przekrocenie na polsko-ukraińskiej granicy" width="640">

Please note that this is the second time a flock of sheep has gone on a border hike. Less than two weeks ago, they also appeared near the border, but did not cross it then.

We will watch this herd more closely. It is likely that they will try to cross the border illegally more than once. Apparently, they like our grass better.

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