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In Oklahoma, a barge crashed into a bridge over the Arkansas River

In the US state of Oklahoma, a barge on March 30 crashed into a bridge over the Arkansas River. This is the second such incident in a week after a bridge in Baltimore collapsed due to a collision with a ship.

The new case is reported by the Associated Press.

State police blocked the southern highway and traffic transport in the area after being notified of the incident. The bridge remains closed until it can be inspected.

There have been no reports of injuries on the highway or the barge.

It is not yet known what exactly caused the barge to collide with the bridge.

< p>Meanwhile, engineers are still working to lift the twisted steel section from another collapsed bridge — named after Francis Scott Key in Baltimore, — a massive cargo ship crashed into one of its supports on March 26. Divers have already recovered the bodies of two victims, the remaining four will still be searched.

As CBS learned, there are 4,207 bridges in the United States under which ships can pass. Of these, only 36% have collision protection.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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