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Belarus will help Ugorsk region be the AEC

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

Belarus will help Ugorsk region become AEU

Photo: Peter Szijarto/EPA/UPG

The Ugric district signed an agreement with Belarus to assist the construction of the Paks-2 nuclear power plant, which will be the Russian state corporation Rosatom.

The minister was informed about this foreign documents of the Ugorshchina Peter Szijarto under the hour for your visit to Minsk, write DW.

– The agreement signed today regarding the development of nuclear energy in Galusa is of great importance, as it allows us to quickly discover Belarus in industrial reactors of similar technology,– Saying Sijarto, without specifying how I will help Belarus myself.

The Ugric minister also expressed his dissatisfaction with the readiness of some European NATO countries to send their soldiers to Ukraine for training Ukrainian military forces, calling these statements legitimate.

The nuclear power plant in Pakši, built in the 1980s, operates on Russian nuclear fuel and will provide a third of the electricity that Ugorshchina lives on. There are several power units with VVER-440 reactors operating at the nuclear power plant.

In 2014, Prime Minister of Ugorsk region Viktor Orban spoke with the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin about the development of new power units iv. Russia provided a loan of over 10 billion euros, which covers over 80% of expenses for everyday life.

The Ugric region expects that two new blocks will be requested for the beginning of the 2030s.

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