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Beijing is helping Moscow in the largest expansion of the Russian military-industrial complex – White House

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr13,2024

Beijing is helping Moscow in the largest expansion of the Russian military-industrial complex, – White House

Photo: Products of the Chinese military-industrial complex were presented at the exhibition “Army – 2023” in Moscow, August 18, 2023

China is helping Russia in its biggest military expansion since Soviet times, White House officials said Friday, citing the U.S. intelligence community. The US administration is trying to put pressure on China amid growing concerns about Ukraine.

The White House hopes that the release of this intelligence will prompt European allies to put pressure on Beijing. The message appeared on the eve of a visit to China by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and a meeting of G7 foreign ministers. next week in Italy.

White House sources said China is helping Russia in a range of ways, including jointly producing drones, space-based forces and assets, and exporting machine tools needed to make ballistic missiles. AFP reports.

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, China has become a key factor in reviving Russia's military-industrial complex, “which would otherwise face significant challenges,” a senior White House official told reporters on condition of anonymity.

"Russia is undertaking its most ambitious expansion of military capabilities since Soviet times, and in a much shorter time frame than we thought possible at the beginning of this conflict,"– stated the source. – We believe that one of the most dramatic steps we can take now to support Ukraine is to convince the PRC to stop helping Russia restore its military-industrial complex. It will be difficult for Russia to maintain its military projects without Chinese participation.

China provided more than 70% of the $900 million worth of machine tools that Russia imported in the fourth quarter of 2023, according to US officials. it is likely used to build ballistic missiles.

Sources also said that 90% of the microelectronics Russia imported last year came from China. These products are used in the production of missiles, tanks and aircraft.

The United States has repeatedly warned China against supporting Russia, while both Chinese and American officials do not claim that Beijing supplies weapons to Russia directly. Instead, Moscow is turning to sanctioned North Korea and Iran to replenish its weapons stockpile.

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