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Back to 00's: Anton Savlyepov presents the candid track “Rozstebny”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

Back to 00’s: Anton Savlyepov presents the candid track “Rozstebny”

Anton Savlepov/Press Service

Co-founder and frontman of the legendary Ukrainian band Quest Pistols Anton Savlepov is back and launching a solo music project. Read in the Radio Maximum article how the artist's subscribers reacted to it.

The artist presented his first single “Rozstebny” under the stage name SAVLEPOV. The track is now available on all music platforms.

The first single “Rozstebny” will be included in the music album, which will be released this summer. Previously, Anton Savlepov said on Instagram that he had recorded an album of solo songs and shot three videos for the SAVLEPOV project, and at the same time released the first teaser. However, he put the project on hold.

Preparation for the solo project SAVLEPOV started back in 2021, but due to the full-scale Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine, my creative ambitions logically took a back seat. I was waiting for the musical mood of the project to resonate with the state of society, but recent years have taught me that there will never be a better time to do something than right now, – SAVLEPOV shares.

In the song “Rozstebny”, every beat is filled with cheeky, lustful and fiery flirtation. It's like undisguised sexuality, a game on the edge of decency, which is similar to erotic dances. This is the love that exists while the music plays, the rhythmic breath of passion, the embodiment of a wild dream.

My music is an intimate fantasy that immerses you in a parallel world of my naive
dreams, – adds SAVLEPOV.

On social networks, fans appreciated the artist's vibey summer single and are already
waiting for the artist to perform in various Ukrainian cities.

SAVLEPOV is a side- Anton Savlepov's project. The artist also continues his
path as the frontman of the band Quest Pistols, which reunited for charity performances and actively helps the Armed Forces.

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