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Ukrainian singer and military officer Oleksandr Yarmak, known by the pseudonym Yarmak, presented a new music video for the song “Babylon”. The video is impressive with footage shot in the Donetsk region.

Ukrainian rap artist Yarmak, who serves in the Armed Forces, dedicated the song to his comrades from the 14th regiment and all defenders of Ukraine. The track “Babylon” has not only piercing lyrics and meaning, but also a video series.

The video “Babylon” carries a powerful message about the brutality of war and the inevitable retribution for the occupiers. Filming took place in the Mariinsky area, where Yarmak, together with his brothers, defends the Ukrainian land every day.

Watch this video from the first to the last second! This is the Mariinsky direction on which we worked. This is what the horde of darkness is carrying, this is what will happen to the world if they are not stopped, the rapper comments.

The composition “Babylon” is not only a powerful message from Oleksandr, but also a dedication to his comrades and all soldiers who heroically defend Ukraine.

This song is dedicated to my comrades from the 14th regiment and all defenders of our country, world justice, the future of the planet! The best of people! Each of us has been forced to take up weapons, each of us consciously understands the risks, each of us has repeatedly looked death in the face! For us, justice is more important than life! But we are not going to give it to the Horde scum, Yarmak declares.

The musician presented the new composition on the birthday of the brilliant poet and prophet Taras Shevchenko. The song contains the words “The burning fire does not burn”, which is a reference to the poem Gamaliya, in which the same words describe the mood of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks who went on exploits for the sake of Ukraine.

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