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Apple abandoned the repairability of its devices in favor of durability

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

Apple abandoned the maintainability of its devices in favor of durability

Apple announced its decision abandon the emphasis on repairability of their devices in favor of increasing their durability. Apple says it's better for customers to have more reliable devices, even if it makes repairs more difficult.

The repairability of the iPhone and other Apple products has been a major concern for users and third-party repairers, as Apple makes it difficult to open the devices and blocks parts from users going to Apple's official stores. In recent years, Apple has actively tested its devices for strength and durability to ensure their reliable operation and reduce the number of failures.

Apple invited famous YouTuber MKBHD to test the strength and durability of its yet-to-be-released devices. As a result of the tests, Apple confirmed that their devices are really reliable and able to withstand intensive use. The company conducts more than 10,000 durability tests on each product before it is released to the market and actively adds new tests based on identified problems to its test suite for the future.

John Ternus, head of Apple's hardware development department, said that increasing the durability of devices – it's the best option for customers and the environment. The company invests heavily in testing and development to improve the durability of its devices. Ternus noted that the company prioritizes durability over maintainability because more durable devices provide more value to customers and require fewer repairs. However, third-party repairers continue to assert their right to easier repairability, especially in light of the fact that most devices have glass panels, making repairs even more difficult.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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