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Analysts reported a new world record for generating solar energy in 1 day

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

Analysts reported a new world record for solar energy generation in 1 day

Italy, Spain and Portugal set a new world record for daily solar energy generation. According to the AleaSoft Energy Forecasting company, from May 20 to 26, these countries reached new peaks in solar energy production.

Spain registered 196 MW·h on May 24, Portugal — 21 MW·h, and Italy on May 26 — 142 MW·h. This contributed to a 27% increase in production in Portugal, 13% in Spain and 7.8% in Italy compared to the previous week.

Analysts reported a new world record for solar energy generation in 1 day

This record emphasizes the significant potential of renewable energy in these countries. The growth of solar energy generation is an important step in fighting climate change and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. It also demonstrates the efficiency of investments in solar energy and the support of government initiatives in this direction.

However, despite the growth in solar energy generation, electricity prices in Europe have also increased due to rising gas costs and  CO2 emissions quota. For example, on the German market, where a production record was recorded the previous week, a decrease in generation by 7.5% was observed.

Natasha Kumar

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