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An MP is refused to visit a youth center

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar27,2024

An MP is refused to visit a center youth

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The solidarity MP for Sherbrooke, Christine Labrie, denounces the opacity of the system.

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A few days after a mutiny at the Val-du-Lac Rehabilitation Center for young people with adjustment difficulties, MP Christine Labrie (QS) was refused a new visit request by the CIUSSS-Estrie. She denounces the opacity of the system and urges the government to study its bill on this subject.

On March 19, a rebellion led by four young people ended when police officers arrested them for misdeeds committed in their unit.

Three days after this crisis which shook the Estrie youth center, the member for Sherbrooke, Christine Labrie, asked to visit the facilities. The CIUSSS-Estrie quickly refused, claiming that [its] primary obligation is to offer quality care and services to users and to ensure that the confidentiality surrounding their file is respected.

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Me, what I see is a situation where they don't want to show us what's happening there!

A quote from Christine Labrie, MP for Sherbrooke

This new refusal came the day after the tabling of bill 591 on visiting rights in public establishments for deputies. During question period on Thursday, March 21, the member for Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne, Guillaume-Cliche-Rivard, denounced the fact that he had been prohibited from visiting the Laval youth center.

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The minister responsible for Social Services, Lionel Carmant, then replied that an MP had the right to visit public establishments located in his constituency. He added, however, that security and confidentiality issues affected youth centers. It is difficult for a parent to imagine that their child could have a visit from 125 deputies after a difficult situation in a youth center, declared Mr. Carmant.

Just like Mr. Cliche-Rivard, Christine Labrie asked to visit an establishment outside her constituency, seven kilometers to be precise. This criterion goes against the monitoring role that MPs have towards the government, argues the MP. She points out that the CIUSSS-Estrie serves all young people in its region.

We have a responsibility as a society. Myself, if they are not in my riding, I feel responsible for ensuring that we offer them the best in our youth centers.

A quote from Christine Labrie, Member of Parliament for Sherbrooke< /blockquote>

In terms of confidentiality, Christine Labrie is committed to signing all the necessary agreements and that should not prevent us from discussing general problems, she believes.

The subject of confidentiality is addressed in his bill aimed mainly at strengthening the control of government action by a deputy. She invites the government to study it and, ultimately, to adopt it because, according to the member, the places that are difficult to access are those where we have the most difficulty in resolving the problems.< /p>

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