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An AI robot dog is being tested in the Netherlands to search for drugs – video

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

AI robot dog tested in Netherlands to search for drugs — video

Dutch police are testing artificial intelligence robot dogs to assist in operations. One of the main tasks is raids on drug laboratories, writes Interesting Engineering.

Police in the Netherlands want to use robotic dogs in arresting distributors and manufacturers of narcotic substances. This will make it possible to reduce the risks for law enforcement officers.

Dog robots already participate in such raids several times a week. They are involved in dismantling equipment to keep the officers out of harm's way. 

When the lab is running and you stop it, it can explode. People come in wearing protective clothing, but then they can't move quickly and can only work for 20 minutes. Simon Prins, Dutch police officer

A robotic dog can overcome various obstacles. It is controlled remotely, using a remote control and cameras and sensors installed on it. 

Thanks to AI, the robot will be able to inspect the premises to make sure there are no criminals, identify dangerous substances and compile a map of the building.

< p>It has a special arm on its back, with the help of which it can lift objects weighing up to 5 kg. 

Natasha Kumar

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