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alyona alyona returned to Kyiv after Eurovision 2024: what a surprise awaited her

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

alyona alyona returned to Kyiv after Eurovision-2024: what a surprise awaited her

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Ukrainian singer alyona alyona, who in a duet with Jerry Heil represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2024, returned from the Swedish city of Malmo to Kyiv. At the station, the artist was greeted with the song “Teresa & Maria”.

Alyona alyona is back without Jerry Heil. On the air of the telethon, the singer explained that her colleague stayed abroad, because she has to perform at the Cannes Film Festival.

The artist admitted what a risk she and her team took. In particular, the Ukrainian delegation wore T-shirts with the inscription “Free Azovstal Defenders”, which in translation means “will to the defenders of Azovstal”. However, due to the non-political nature of the competition, it was strictly forbidden to do so. So, to reduce the risks, alyona alyona and Jerry Heil did not wear such T-shirts.

We decided not to take risks and not to dress up as artists. Just so you understand, there was never such a thing. The members of the team put them on because they could have taken them from the hall, but the artists remained. So that you understand, there was such a thing! Any inscription, any brand, if you have it somewhere on your nails or on your face, was pasted there. Apolitical pressure was very great. We took a risk and secretly wore such T-shirts, the singer admitted.

In this way, the artists wanted to draw attention to the captured Ukrainian defenders. The delegation called on the world to force Russia to exchange according to the principle of “all for all”.

We want to call on the entire world community now, when the maximum amount of attention is focused on us, to make sure that all prisoners of war are exchanged for everyone. So that our boys, girls, and children return home, receive decent treatment and a decent standard of living. And the most important thing is gratitude from us for all that they experienced, – wrote the performer on Instagram.

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p>By the way, singers from the Eurovision stage called for peace in Ukraine. They spoke the following words: “Unite, world! Peace to Ukraine.” As alyona alyona admitted, the team consulted with the contest organizers, who allowed it to be done.

We communicated with many representatives from the state, our team, the public broadcaster. It was our big collective decision, the artist explained.

How to meet the representative of Ukraine at Eurovision-2024:

alyona alyona got off the train with a key in her hands – this symbol was used by the representative of Ukraine, to remind about the importance of rebuilding Ukrainian cities destroyed by Russian missiles.

The singer was met not only by journalists and Eurofans, but also by her parents. They warmly hugged their daughter and gave her flowers. It was a surprise for alyona alyona: she did not expect that her father and mother would come to meet her after the music competition.

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Remember, Eurovision 2024 did not avoid political scandals. Swedish singer Eric Saade made a gesture in support of Palestine.

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