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Alena Omargalieva presented a new track “You want” about a couple in love

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr12,2024

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Ukrainian singer Alena Omargalieva presented a song about the real life of a couple without embellishments: with constant emotional swings, arguments and experiences. The track was released under the name “Hochesh”.

The song reveals the story of a couple whose feelings go from easy infatuation to real great love, but not without obstacles. Listen to the track on all music platforms.

“Well, how can you not love?” is the key question in Alena Omargalieva's new track, to which lovers often find an answer not in favor of, but in opposition to. Throughout the song, the lyrical heroine tries to understand whether love is worth all the trials.

This song is about love, but not the beautiful and carefree love described in fairy tales and romantic movies, but about real love. With all the disputes and misunderstandings, worries, and, sometimes, disappointments, told Alena Omargalieva.

The dance sound of the song “Wish” makes you close your eyes, move to the rhythm of the music and your mind to return to the carefree past, when the only problem could be the question “To love or not to love”.

This is the motive of two lovers, one of whom is afraid to admit that he is starting to fall in love, is afraid of responsibility, but still cannot renounce his feelings, returning again and again every time, – writes the performer.

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