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Woman arrested after threatening Catherine Fournier with death

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The mayor of Longueuil, Catherine Fournier, announced Wednesday that the The slaughter of white-tailed deer in Michel-Chartrand Park will take place in the fall of 2024.

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A woman aged one fifty years was arrested the day after the last meeting of the municipal council of the City of Longueuil, which turned out to be particularly stormy. The arrest is linked to acts of criminal harassment against Mayor Catherine Fournier, which occurred during the March 19 meeting.

According to the Longueuil Agglomeration Police Service (SPAL), these acts were directed against the mayor of Longueuil and concerned the deer population management plan de Virginie in Michel-Chartrand Park.

The suspect, residing outside the Longueuil metropolitan area, was released under certain conditions and could be subject to criminal prosecution.

Other threats in recent months have forced police officers to increase security surrounding Catherine Fournier during public events.

SPAL is investigating still on three other files of threats against the mayor.

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