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A reliable alternative to EB. Shotguns effectively destroy enemy FPV drones: an experience worth sharing

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr16,2024

Reliable EW alternative. Shotguns effectively destroy enemy FPV drones: an experience worth spreading

Often EW means cannot  land enemy FPV and then the old proven small arms come to the rescue — 12 gauge shotguns. How did it come to this, how anti-drone guns work and how it — shoot down drones with shotguns in combat conditions— said in an interview with Army Inform, an instructor of a separate hunting brigade named after Oleksy Dovbusha. tells the basics.

Senior instructor at training — lieutenant colonel Oleksandr, commander of the 68th anti-aircraft missile division of the separate hunting brigade named after Oleksy Dovbush.

"The Russian military industry develops not in days, but in hours, their drones have different frequencies that and change on the that's why EW means often cannot land enemy FPVs.

And if they break through EWs, then the old reliable method of shooting down a flying target remains. It is almost impossible to escape from FPV, it is better to meet this enemy with weapons.

The semi-automatic Hatsan Escort is able to destroy the target effectively at a distance of 120 meters. 10 shots per minute. It is a very good chance compared to running on the landing, believe me», — says Oleksandr.

The unit spent some time checking how it — shoot down drones with shotguns in combat conditions. They started with ordinary double barrels. Practice has shown — it works.

Selected Hatsan Escort as the best option. And the brigade commander decided to purchase such rifles.

The fighters themselves say — the fact that they will have to carry additional weapons is not a problem for them, compared to the constant attacks of FPV. "mavics" and FPV.

Those who have not yet encountered drones should hear the sound and see how they move and from what height they usually work on landings. To understand what the target they will have to work on will look like.

«We are dealing with 70-90 FPV per day. We find them but not all of us have time to pay them off with our means. Therefore, you will have to take on additional tools.

These guns cover the working distance from which the drones drop drops. The main heights — 50, 80, 100 meters», — says the instructor.


Alexander lists the principles that guide him as an officer and commander.

«Main — I'm not trying to make tin soldiers out of them, you know what I'm talking about? I am primarily interested in expertise, in our MANPADS business — must shoot down everything that flies.

The enemy is developing — a year ago we didn't even know what FPV was, now we have a war of drones. Discipline. From top to bottom — officers have to work. Transfer experience. CONTROL. Planning. Briefings. Check and  selection of positions. Reconnaissance.

The situation when the commander did not see the positions where the fighters should work is unacceptable. Cooperation and communication with spouses. Postoperative analysis. We make a deep line covering various divisions.

Analysis is a must. This especially applies to errors. Because, unfortunately, there are tragic mistakes. Talk a lot with fighters — any soldier can approach me with any question. I'm trying to help. Indifference Vacations for soldiers, even taking into account the difficult realities of the front, are mandatory. To motivate people.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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