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A new stage of Elsa's Ocean: Svyatoslav Vakarchuk announced the release of an English-language album

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Ukrainian singer, volunteer, leader of the band “Ocean Elsa” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk announced the release of the group's English-language album. He hinted that it would happen soon.

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk shared the important news for the band on Instagram. The post gathered a lot of comments, but the leader of the team soon closed access to them.

This year, the legendary band “Ocean Elsa” will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Throughout the entire time, they performed in Ukrainian only.

For the first time in the history of OE, we are releasing an album of songs in English. We will work to ensure that the musical voice of Ukraine sounds loudly, is heard and noticed in the world, – says the post.

By the way, the Brussels project, which included English-language material, was a side project of Vakarchuk personally, and not of the band.

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Vakarchuk explained such a step by the need to bring Ukraine's voice to the international level. After all, recently thanks to the film “20 days in Mariupol”, which won an Oscar, even more people learned about Ukraine and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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