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A new species of predator for Polissia: a jackal was spotted in the Chernobyl reserve

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr12,2024

>>/Chernobyl Radiation-Ecological Biosphere Reserve

A jackal was discovered on the outskirts of Lubyanka, Buchansk District. Previously, only jackal tracks were found on the territory of the reserve, but now they saw the animal itself.

On the territory of the Chernobyl radiation and ecological biosphere reserve, experts noticed a species of large predatory mammals new to Polissia. In particular, we are talking about jackals.

Experts informed that jackal tracks have been noticed in the reserve before. The foot of this animal is compact, and there are almost no gaps between the pads. So far, they were able to see the predator itself. It is still unknown whether the animals will be able to establish themselves and reproduce in the protected areas.

For nature, this is another species of animal that has the right to life, especially if it actively chooses it. Another thing, how will the population of this predator behave over time (if it manages to establish itself and reproduce in the protected area)? To whom will it become a competitor or a threat? – the reserve ponders.

The golden jackal (ordinary) is a representative of the canine family. Animals reach a length of 85-95 cm, weigh from 7 to 11 kg. Golden jackals are distinguished by their yellowish color.

Predators live in open areas. These are nocturnal animals that mostly hide in bushes or thickets during the day, and go hunting at dusk. Like other representatives of the genus, jackals howl in the evening, have an unpleasant odor caused by the secretion of a gland at the base of the tail.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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